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Chad Nehring, CFP® is an experienced and entertaining financial speaker and trainer. He is available to speak on various topics for your civic, church, or business group. He has previously taught adult continuing education classes at the University of Wisconsin; Pre-License training and continuing education classes for the insurance industry, and as a keynote and breakout speaker for various military groups. His presentations are educational, engaging, and most of all…fun! Chad is willing to customize a speech to your particular need or organization. 


  • “33,000 and a week from Bankruptcy” – Personal Debt Management
  • “Develop a Spending Plan, Keep your Sanity” – Hints for managing a household budget without going nuts
  • “Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Oh My!” - Learn the basics of each
  • “Dessert with the Financial Puzzlemaker” - Why planning your finances is a lot like solving a puzzle
  • “Dissecting the Great Recession” – Explores the reason, discusses the blame game for the 2008/9 recession