At Conceptual Financial Advisors, LLC we believe that “one plan does not fit all”. Therefore, we have the ability to look at one or two specific areas of finance….or an entire plan. It’s your choice. All plans will include a complimentary review of existing insurance coverage (home, auto, life, health, disability, and employee benefits).



A thorough analysis of cash flow. This includes preparation of a trial balance sheet, a detailed income/expense report, and a personal analysis by an advisor. Identified will be opportunities for expense reduction, savings opportunities, and some limited tax strategy planning. A cash flow analysis forms the baseline for additional planning and is the foundation to a successful financial plan. A cash flow analysis will require submission of a budget/spending plan and some additional “homework”.



An analysis of a current investment portfolio. This will include a review of all holdings, benchmarked against various market indices. Performance will be evaluated and independent research from various sources (Morningstar, S&P, Valueline, etc.) will be provided. Commentary on the portfolio will be provided by a staff advisor, however no specific portfolio recommendations will be made. This is perhaps helpful for those looking for a second opinion on an existing portfolio or who are doing their own research.



In addition to the Portfolio Analysis, the addition of specific recommendations being made according to goals and risk tolerance. A “Monte Carlo” simulation will also be provided looking at probabilities of return and achieving a particular goal. (Monitoring of the allocation with ongoing recommendations can also be done, for additional fees).



Saving for retirement is a fairly common goal for many investors. This analysis establishes a baseline or “current” scenario, based on your cash flow, as above. We will review your existing portfolio, analyze a test of your goals and risk tolerance, and make specific recommendations for effective retirement savings. A “Monte Carlo” simulation will be provided looking at probabilities of return and achieving a goal. We will also explore strategies for receiving Social Security and pension payouts.



We will educate you on the various facets of estate planning, including powers of attorney, wills, revocable and irrevocable trusts, and charitable gifting, and the cause and effect of each on your overall portfolio. We will examine how your goals for the disposition of assets may affect your taxes. We will analyze and provide advice for specific eldercare situations, including strategies for those working with elderly parents, how Medicare and Medicaid work, and specific planning for Long Term Care. We will also attend a meeting with an estate planning attorney, if you so choose.



For insurance policy consulting services that may rise above our complimentary review. This may involve analysis of non-qualified executive benefits, deferred compensation plans, split-dollar plans or pension maximization scenarios. Specific and detailed recommendations will be made using your existing coverage as a baseline.



A review of a previous plan, with current reports and benchmarking against previous meetings. Serves as an effective “progress report” for an existing plan.

Please note that with any of our planning services, where specific advice is provided, you are completely free to implement the suggestions with a planner or investment advisor of your choice.

However, should you elect to utilize Conceptual Financial Advisors, LLC for ongoing asset management services, we will offset asset management fees by the amount of planning services charged, if utilized within 12 months of the plan implementation steps.

Costs for the services above are discussed at our initial meeting and are available at anytime on request.



Have a question regarding a specific circumstance, but don’t require a full module or comprehensive plan? We have “a la carte” planning services available. This can be on virtually any finance related issue that we are qualified to advise on. If your instance requires an outside professional, we will gladly make a referral at no charge.

Cost: $200 per hour with a 15 minute minimum



Going it alone with your investments? Curious about another advisor’s recommendations? Just want to know where you stand? Use our “2nd opinion” service. We will evaluate your risk tolerance via discussion, and your portfolio via Morningstar™. This will give you an internal look at your portfolio as to risk/reward, technical measurements, time-weighted performance, and allocation. Keep in mind that our opinion is just that, an opinion. We will advise if we see any “red flags” and give you an understanding of what you own.



$200 per hour with a 15 minute minimum


For information, you may also consult our Form ADV Part II Brochure.

At Conceptual Financial Advisors, LLC we offer fee-only investment management services. Additionally, we have elected to offer our clients ongoing financial planning services as a part of our asset management services. We believe this provides a more comprehensive approach to asset-management through incorporating other areas of financial planning (tax, estate planning, etc.)


What type of accounts do you manage?

Most any type of account can be managed, but most commonly we assist with IRAs, Roth IRAs, Trust Accounts, Individual/Joint Retirement Accounts, and employer-provided qualified plans.


Where are my accounts held?

We hold accounts with a large, independent custodian, currently Pershing, LLC. We also utilize specific Separate Account Managers. The custodian will provide you with reports and statements independent from us and provides a valuable “check and balance” on our firm. Additionally, since we hold no physical money in our facility, the custodian is responsible for receiving, processing, and distributing funds to you.


How are assets managed?

CFA currently has 7 model portfolios comprised of a mix of institutional class mutual funds, index funds, and exchange traded funds.  We also utilize specific Separate Account Managers.  For specific situations, we offer one flat-fee deferred variable annuity platform with no mortality/expense charges and a well diversified investment choice menu. We assist our clients in choosing a portfolio based on their tolerance for risk, their goals for the underlying assets and their time horizon, among other factors.

We re-balance portfolios on a quarterly basis, or as rapid market changes dictate. (Under $100,000 rebalanced annually) We make adjustments to the underlying portfolio percentages and holdings as dictated by our investment committee discussions. Changes and trades are made across models and accounts on a “block” basis, so our clients in a particular model experience the same results and prices, to the extent possible.

We manage on a “household” basis for those situations where we have more than one account under management. This allows us to hold tax-sensitive investments inside of a retirement account, whereas less sensitive instruments would be held in a non-retirement account.

Need a more custom portfolio? We are willing to do this in specific circumstances. Because of the loss of efficiencies, we have an additional fee for this service. All other services remain the same (re-balancing, etc.)

Alternatively, we will provide recommendations for Separate Account Managers, which provide an even higher level of customization than we can provide locally. Fees generally are slightly higher, but there is a much higher control of your individual investments. This is sometimes helpful if you have a significant concentration of a particular stock, or if you have certain moral, ethical or religious factors that play into your investment decisions.


What fees do you charge?

We collect an asset management fee, which is billed at the beginning of each month and debited (in most circumstances) from your account around the 15th of each month and described in our Wrap fee Brochure. The fee schedule is as follows:

  • $0 to $500,000 1.0% divided by 12 = 0.0833% per month
  • Next $500,001 to $1,000,000 0.75% divided by 12 = 0.0625% per month
  • Over $1,000,001 0.50% divided by 12 = 0.0416% per month

Clients desiring a “custom” portfolio outside of our models are charged an additional 0.25% per year.

Currently, we have no set-up fees, trading fees, custodial fees, retainer fees, etc. Clients with total investment assets less than $50,000 are charged $500 per year flat fee, regardless of portfolio size.

Note that underlying investment options generally have their own internal expense ratio, which in our portfolios average currently 0.60% - 1% per year. These are deducted from investment performance automatically and are consistent for all investors in the particular choice.


Is there a minimum asset size?

Yes and no. As a firm we have never had investment minimums, as we believe every investor needs to start somewhere. However, for our managed assets models, a $100,000 minimum is necessary due to restrictions placed on us by some of the fund managers. We have annually rebalanced fund of funds models available for households less than $100,000 in investable assets.


Do you include financial planning services?

Yes we do. We include most components of our modular financial planning services, as well as “a la carte” services to households with over $100,000 of investments under our management. Households with between $100,000 and $500,000 of investments under our management are limited to 10 hours of staff time per year, (with additional hours available at hourly cost) with no limitation on households with over $500,000 of assets.


Do you charge commissions?

No, not for advisory services. Please note that we do have commission-based services available through our affiliate company, Conceptual Financial Planning, Inc. and CFPI’s broker/dealer, Fortune Financial Services, Inc. If you are interested in these services, please discuss with a representative from CFPI. This is a separate and distinct service and we do not generally commingle the two.  (Conceptual Financial Advisors, LLC/Conceptual Financial Planning, Inc. and Fortune Financial Services, Inc. are not affilated)


What if I have old assets that I’d like you to hold, but I have no intention on selling?

We have the capability to hold, yet exclude certain assets from our management re-allocations and fees. Please discuss your particular situation with one of our advisors.


Can you purchase individual stocks for me?

We do have accounts available where if you wish to purchase individual stocks, we can facilitate that for you. The cost of each trade is passed directly to you. You may find it less expensive to use one of the many online services for trading stocks. We can provide info and discuss your stock choices with you, with the time spent on these items allocated against your available financial planning hours (for portfolios less than $500,000).


Where can I find more information?

Consult our Form ADV Part II Brochure, which is posted on our website or distributed by request to any CFA staff member. This form describes our services, fees, biographies and possible conflicts of interest in greater detail.


Chad Nehring, CFP® is an experienced and entertaining financial speaker and trainer. He is available to speak on various topics for your civic, church, or business group. He has previously taught adult continuing education classes at the University of Wisconsin; Pre-License training and continuing education classes for the insurance industry, and as a keynote and breakout speaker for various military groups. His presentations are educational, engaging, and most of all…fun! Chad is willing to customize a speech to your particular need or organization.


Some of Chad's basic topics include:

  • “33,000 and a week from Bankruptcy” – Personal Debt Management
  • “Develop a Spending Plan, Keep your Sanity” – Hints for managing a household budget without going nuts
  • “Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Oh My!” - Learn the basics of each
  • “Dessert with the Financial Puzzlemaker” - Why planning your finances is a lot like solving a puzzle
  • “Dissecting the Great Recession” – Explores the reason, discusses the blame game for the 2008/9 recession

In 2015 we expanded our services to our clients by adding a newly redesigned client portal and vault.  

Some of the features of our client portal & vault include:

  • An up to date view of your investment holdings held with our firm.
  • The ability to connect outside accounts (bank, investment, retirement plan, credit card, etc) into one comprehensive view.  You can choose how much data (if any) to share with our office.
  • A secure, cloud-based vault for storage of important documents, reports, and files.  (Ask us for a great tip for documenting your home's contents for insurance!)
  • Online document sharing between your home and our office. 
  • Educational and instructional information. 

Not signed up yet?  Contact our Appleton office to have our staff get you set up. 

You can access the portal/vault through our client center to the right.